Peggy Asbury Freeman

"Within life's prisms, the creative eye finds its own pleasure…"

Peggy Freeman was raised in an art studio, and thought nothing of it. Her grandmother was an artist, had her studio at home, and Peggy spent a childhood fascinated amid the aromas of paint and linseed oil, palettes smeared with enticing colors, shelves piled with sketchbooks, canvases in various stages of completion, numerous tubes of paint and brushes, as well as a strange huge window in the studio ceiling. As a child, Peggy was totally enthralled with that world and everything in it... and she never, ever perceived of a life without it ..all of it...and so it was. Very early on, Peggy found her footing in the world of art, and stepped right in...

And although many years have passed since then, Peggy still vividly cherishes not only all those memories , but the inheritance of the gift as well, and the beauty upon which she has been able to live her life.

Artistically, Peggy Freeman follows in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother and namesake, Margaret Moore Walker, one of the few women listed in "Who's Who of America" in the 1920's & 30's as a nationally acclaimed landscape and portrait artist.

Peggy treasures that inheritance and has enjoyed blending those inherent abilities with years of structured study... the result - a self-defined style brushed with a mixture of whimsical as well as pragmatic expression.

For years, Peggy's paintings have captured stunning landscapes and animal portraits and she offers a whole variety of artwork as well as many types of commissioned pieces.

She adores animals and her Pet Portraits have caused quite a buzz among animal lovers ." I would rather paint an animal than any other subject on the face of this earth!", says Peggy, 'every single brushstroke makes me happy!".

"Flowers also make me smile...there is such pleasure in re-creating images of varieties that used to grow in my gardens !" These small paintings make the perfect little gift for that someone who has it all.

Memories always linger with landscapes... that amazing West coast sunset, an Amalfi Coast balcony laden with blossoms , the perfect beaches of Spain, the bateaux mouches on the River Seine, that perfect little Parisian's your memory...your call.

For birthdays, anniversaries, baby gifts, Christmas or any Holiday, graduations, Mother's or Father's Day, and especially for '' jus'-cause- occasions."...the possibilities are absolutely endless. "I can immortalize almost anything you can present to me" says Peggy...and in most cases, just a picture is all it takes.

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Peggy has called Atlanta, Georgia home for many years.